Ana (songofsangre) wrote in i_love_afi,

sorry, but i just have to say this. you know what i cant fucking stand? when fans (mainly girls) insist that Davey "looked at them" while he was singing. I mean, no he couldnt have just been looking in that directrion of the crowd. its seems like all i hear is "omg, he like, looked at me! like, i swear there was a connection. like, he looked at me soooooooo long. it rawked"
i'm sorry people, but the chances of Davey Havok focusing on one person for more than about 4 seconds is extremley unlikey. AFI has millions of fans, and i dont think one of the members is going to find a deep spiritual connection with you during the middle of the show. why cant people just love AFI for their music FIRST?
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