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A history of AFI as written by Aleks and edited by yours truly:
>>source: If Aleks plagiarized ;-) don’t blame me, I didn’t read the article :-D

AFI began in a garage in the early 90’s as four high school students making noise and trying to create great music. As they played between skateboard sessions, they could not have known what they would become. For more than 10 years and counting, the same inner flame that fueled the guys of AFI in their Ukia, California, garage has propelled them on professional levels as evident in their numerous albums, EP’s, and singles. Meanwhile, from its sublime intro through subdued verses and infectious choruses, AFI’S first radio track "Girls Not Grey" is a standout that both recalls AFI coming into its own on 2000's The Art Of Drowning and hints at myriad future directions. The road to success for has not been free of obstacles, however. AFI has, like many bands, had trouble with members - one ended up quitting. Such lineup changes might have destroyed another band, but the opposite has occurred with AFI. With each new album and EP the band has bravely forged ahead into new musical territory, all the while maintaining their original energy and intensity. The days of honing their craft in the garage are now a long-ago memory, but one thing has not changed - the fire inside AFI still burns, more strongly than ever. With each new record, each tour, each show, the flames spread - ever igniting new people and places, threatening to someday engulf the world.

Thank you for that wonderful history, Aleks. (lol) Now to the point.

What is selling out? Most people define it as changing one's attitude, style, or image in order to fit in better or gain popularity. In the music world, it can mean a band changing their style of clothing or music. Even switching labels can be seen as selling out! Why? To answer this question, we must first examine the reasons why people see a band as having 'sold out.' One of the most controversial examples of this is AFI, the case in point.

People I asked had a number of different reasons for calling AFI sell-outs. The most common, however, was the obvious change in musical style from their very first albums to their most recent, Sing the Sorrow. Listen to any track from albums like Answer That and Stay Fashionable or Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes and then listen to a song from Sing the Sorrow like “Silver and Cold” and the difference is apparent. However, is it necessarily a bad change? Some say yes, and others disagree.
Relevant quotes:
“Sing the Sorrow, its Dreamworks debut, isn't the wholesale departure from AFI's roots that some longtime fans griped about. It is merely the next step on a path that began with 1999's Black Sails in Sunset, the first album to feature guitarist Jade Puget.” –All Music Guide
"And the reactions tend to be pretty extreme on both sides, but the hatred is just as cool because people are actually reacting. It's either, 'F--- those guys,' or 'I f---in' love AFI. They rock.' " –Jade Puget, AFI’s guitarist, to (oh and whatever sucker on barnes and said Jade was a bad name, piss off b/c it’s cool.)

Others, however, say AFI are sell-outs simply because they signed with a big-name label – Dreamworks. Think about it, though. A record company hears the stuff you’ve already produced (according to those who dislike AFI’s new material, much more ‘hardcore.’) and they sign you. Then your style changes. Can this really be attributed to signing with the record company? After all, if they didn’t like your music why would they have signed you? Maybe AFI did feel pressure from Dreamworks to change their style – or maybe Sing the Sorrow is just a natural progression. Anyways, wouldn’t it get boring if a band never came up with anything new?
Relevant quotes:
“Some bands just evolve, and move to other labels, and in my opinion they should. The Gathering is a fine example of this, they were accused of selling out when they signed to Century Media. They made some of their best albums with Century Media though. So who cares what label bands are with? As long as the music is good, why complain?” –A guest on Gamecube Europe Message Boards

Has AFI truly “sold out?” You make the decision.

My opinion:
Some bands can churn out tons of albums, all in the same style, and it never gets old – great! But some bands have talents in slightly different styles of music. Why not let them express their creativity without questioning the motives behind it?

Oh, people, remember: If you don’t like my opinion, don’t flame me. I’ve seen your points, I know what they are. This is just my view.

Le grá go deo,
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